Is SLC E & Y Audit an attempt to degrade Government Forensic Audit?

Written by Rohit Pawar

In next couple of days, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) is set to face it’s one of the biggest challenge as the government’s forensic audit report is scheduled to be tabled at parliament. However, before this, the SLC has deliberately leaked Earnest and Young audit report to some of its ‘messengers‘ to spread the lie that it’s a complete audit report and has found nothing suspicious regarding an attempted financial fraud of 5.5 USD that occurred last year and that the attempted fraud was result of hacking. The plan is simple: SLC is trying to degrade the government audit report. The newest Messiah of Sri Lanka cricket and his Aiyaa from the SLC are the main culprits of this spreading lie saga.

However, it is near impossible to believe in E & Y report findings. First, even though E & Y is an international reputed firm, it is specialized in audits only. The attempted fraud at SLC, allegedly commited by three employees of finance division, is a higher level cyber crime. E & Y report (Cricket Age has the access of the entire report) does not says that the firm take the assistance of cyber experts during the process.

The initial complaint with regard to this attempted fraud of wire transferring US $ 187,000 to an Mexican Bank Account from Sri Lanka Cricket which was due for the South African tour in 2018. There also was another attempt made to transfer 5.5 milion US $ to an Hong Kong Account. These amounts were of the TV Broad Casting rights from Sony Pictures Network India Private Limited.

Upon the initial complaint from the SLC, the CID took Piyal Dissanayake, Head of Finance, under custody. Later, the case was handed to the Attorney General’s Department for the purpose further legal advice.

Meanwhile, in between, the SLC on their own hired Ernest and Young to obtained a complete report of the incident.

“An audit firm is not geared to express an expert opinion on a matter of an IT fraud (Cyber Crime) of this nature. It has to be an expert IT firm such as Microsoft, who could delve to such an incident and give its opinion on a digital crime of this nature” an IT expert, who has been associated with SLC for tears, told Cricket Age.

For a authentic report, E & Y should have done the financial part and should have obtained assistance of an expert on cyber crimes and delivered a comprehensive report, which the firm did not do it seems. In addition, the E & Y has been hired by SLC itself, so expecting a report against the wrongdoings of the board from the firm is day dreaming!

Even then, SLC’s ‘messengers‘ are shamelessly spreading the lie that according to E & Y report, the attempted fraud was a result of hacking.

Such claim is an attempt to undermine the upcoming government audit report. As ‘Aiyaa‘ has managed to convince one time ‘new Messiah‘ of the Sri Lanka cricket to delay the report for months deliberately, now the gang of that ‘Aiyaa‘ (with the conditional backing of so called new Messiah) is trying their best to undermine the government forensic audit, so later when the report will be tabled at parliament, they can claim that the board has already conducted E & Y report and it has found that the attempted fraud was a result of ‘hacking’.


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