Sumathipala-Shammi Silva Associate Attempts 5.5 Million Dollars Fraud At SLC

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In one of the biggest conspiracy in the cricket history, The Head Of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has apparently tried to attempt 5.5 million dollars fraud. After it came in the knowledge, Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha has given the instructions to seal the finance division on Monday, Cricket Age reliably learns.

A perdon of the finance division, apparently requested SLC’s official broadcaster SONY to transfer the amount to a personal account.

The most shocking fact is that person has been considered as the closest associate of former SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala and controversial treasurer Shammi Silva.

According to sources, it is Sumathipala, Shammi Silva and former SLC Finance division chairman Nuski Mohammed, who brought that person to the SLC. To fit him at the SLC, Sumathipala and Shammi Silva forced former head of finance division Chandramali at the age of 57.

Surprisingly, Korale was a qualified lady chartered accountant, even then Sumathipala, Shammi Silva and Nuski Mohammed removed her by not renewing her contract and brought that person at her place. SLC early revenue is approximately 20 Million Rupees, so it needs qualified and competent chartered accountant. However, on the behalf of Sumathipala, his close friend and former Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara changed the SLC clause and permitted for a normal accountant. It was shockingly, because Shammi Silva was himself not a qualified accountant and doesn’t know anything about the accounting.

Cricket Age reliably learns that apart from seizing finance division, Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha has also approached FCID to investigate the fraud.

(This story has been updated after getting the details from SLC)


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