SLC Finance Division Sealed Over Fraud

Written by Rohit Pawar

In a shocking turn of events, the finance division of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has been sealed on Monday due to some fraudulent transactions carried out by the Board officials, Cricket Age reliably learns

After Thilanga Sumathipala led administration left the SLC in May due to failing the election on time, Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha has taken over the board and his secretary Kamal Padmasiri is running as competent authority.

However, as both Sports Minister and CA doesn’t know anything about Cricket, SLC CEO Ashley De Silva and Jerome Jayarathne are milking all the benefits and running the board on their own.

According to sources, finance division been sealed due to some fraudulent transactions carried out by the staff due to previous committee members advise, and both Ashley De Silva and Jerome Jayarathne are directly responsible for this fraud.

In the latest wrongdoings, Ashley De Silva and Jerome Jayarathne, Two Musketeers of SLC, who are committed to loot the board money as long as they can, are set to get luxury vehicles for themselves worth millions of rupees.

As, there is no functioning board at Maitland place, their priorities should have been the proper administration at the SLC. Instead, both Ashley and Jerome are manipulating things, cutting the SLC employees whom they don’t like, and are getting benefits for themselves.

In latest episode, both Ashley and Jerome is set to get two luxury vehicles worth 13.5 million and 12.8 million respectively. In addition, all department heads will also get luxury vehicles worth 12 millions. According to sources, the money for the vehicles has already been paid.

It is noteworthy that, during the last day of Sumathipala administration at SLC, both Ashley and Jerome ‘mysteriously’ got salary increments. On the other hand, SLC employees has not received a single increment since 2015.

Now, especially when there is no one to stop Ashley and Jerome for their wrongdoings, all the heads of departments are making use of all these privileges, whilst staff is getting nothing. It has also learnt that the rest of the vehicles of SLC are still being used by ExCo members.





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