Exposed! Plan Was To Deposit SLC 5.5 Million Dollars Into Hongkong Accounts

Written by N Krishnamurthy

As Cricket Age exposed the 5.5 Million dollars attempted fraud at Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) on yesterday, now new facts are coming out one by one. In the latest development, Cricket Age learns that the plan was to deposit that 5.5 million dollars into few accounts of the Hongkong.

The employee of the SLC Finance division, who attempted to abduct this money by transferring it to offshore account, had written a fake resolution to SONY through mail (Cricket Age has the access of the mail). In the letter, written on SLC letter head, he stated that SLC has done some interim arrangements to operate few Hongkong accounts and thus he requested the channel  to deposit the money on those accounts for interim period.

And there is another twist in the story! Cricket Age learns that that SLC employee copied the mail to board CEO Ashley De Silva and Jerome Jayarathne as well. But, he deliberately changed a word of their mail I’d, so they could not have received the email.

However, SONY’s Sri Lanka representative Amali found the mail suspicious, thus raised the questions and that’s how the conspiracy got exposed!


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