Ashley De Silva Determines To Sweep ‘5.5 Million Dollars Attempted Fraud’ Under Carpet

Written by N Krishnamurthy

As Cricket Age exposed the 5.5 Million dollars attempted fraud at Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) on yesterday, now new facts are coming out one by one. In the latest development, Cricket Age learns that the attempted fraud is a serious failure of SLC CEO Ashley De Silva and COO Jerome Jayarathne as they are responsible for administration and marketing respectively.

Furthermore, now as Cricket Age has already exposed the wrongdoings, both Ashley and Jerome are trying to sweep it under carpet.

Yesterday, Ashley De Silva lodged a complaint to FCID and tried to take the credit of exposing the fraud.

“Immediately; upon finding of the attempted fraud, Sri Lanka Cricket’s CEO Mr. Ashley De Silva lodged a complaint to the Financial Crimes Investigation Division; under the direction of the Minister of Sports Honorable Faiszer Musthapa; this afternoon (10th September; 2018) to probe the attempted fraud” SLC said in a statement yesterday.

”Sri Lanka Cricket wish to state here, while accepting that an act of this nature is highly damaging for an organization of international repute such as SLC, we are happy to note that due to the internal due diligence process of the SLC, we were able to avoid the fraud;’’ said Ashley De Silva in the statement.

However, the reality is that, it’s a complete failure of Ashley De Silva, that an attempt like this took place at SLC. While he and Jerome were busy in buying luxury vehicles on SLC money, that person from the finance division grabbed the opportunity and attempted to abduct 5.5 million dollars.

“During Past board’s time, there was monthly reconciliation and Management Accounts submitted to Management Committee or Executive Committee. However, since Thilanga Sumathipala led administration left the SLC on May 31st, these things are not taking place” a former SLC administrator told Cricket Age.

Now, as attempted fraud has been exposed, Ashley is trying to sweep it under the carpet. After attempted fraud exposed, as the CEO of SLC, he should have gone to Cinemon Garden Police station and lodged a complaint. Instead, Ashley went to FCID.

Reason, FCID chief Ravi Wadiyalankara is a close friend of former SLC treasurer Shammi Silva. So, it would be very easy for Ashley De Silva to drag the inquiry and sweep it under the carpet! Now, if the case goes to court, it would be weakened, because SLC haven’t made a police complaint.

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