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Exclusive! Asst. Secretary Ravin manipulated result of Panadura-Kalutara fiasco inquiry to escape Scott free!

Written by Pushpendra Albe

As the outcome of the inquiry related to Panadura-Kalutara controversial match making headlines in Sri Lanka cricket, In a shocking revelation It has learnt that the assistant secretary of the board deliberately manipulated entire Proccedings, and unfairly landed the players in a soup!

After investigation, Cricket Age has reliably learnt that Ravin Wickramaratne, the Assistant Secretary of SLC and Tournament Manager Chintaka Jayalath have deliberately plotted conspiracy to protect the actual culprits of alleged match fixing scandal between Panadura and Kalutara, with the help of Legal Officer.

Cricket Age has learnt that on the influence of Ravin Wickramaratne, Tournament Manager Chithaka Jayalath have purposely messed up on the procedure, so that the verdict can be challenged!

Tournament Manager Chintaka Jayalath is known to be a very good friend of Ravin. Cricket Age has learnt that he was initially employed as a Statistician at SLC, but now has risen to Management by being buddies with Ravin.

Moreover, Ravin is also good friend of Legal Officer who was there at the time.

In all, Cricket Age has learnt that these three together manipulated the the inquiry in these certain ways :

1. Charges only against players without Club Cricket Secretary being charged.

2. Charges are not specific so panel could not find a charge to make anyone guilty, as they had not been charged of anything particularly.

3. Charge sheets had been sent only to Secretaries of the club’s, and although lawyers have objected and they have given an order to give charge sheets to each accused individually, they deliberately sent it only to the two clubs.

4. They delayed to send proceedings to the club’s so they could not provide their written submissions and defend themselves.

As they plotted deliberately to change the outcome, now because all of this, the players have challenged the inquiry as they have not been charged and not given an opportunity to defend themselves.

Cricket Age has learnt that All these issues should have been handled appropriately by the Legal Officer and Tournament Manager. But, have not been done due to Ravin’s influence over these two.

It is noteworthy that Ravin is the former president of Panadura, and later resigned.

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