Nic Pothas pain, and the inside story of how Gurusinha ruling over Sri Lanka coaching staff

Written by Shreya Vyas

Hardly two months ago, when Graham Ford stepped down as Sri Lanka coach, he openly said things were not going to his liking bacuse of ‘some internal interfering’.  And, now as he is not even yet completed a series as a head coach, Nic Pothas is also facing the same issues!

As, Sri Lanka yet again defeated comprehensive in the first ODI against India, Nic Pothas blamed that ‘too many cooks are spoiling the party’.

In this scenario, There is a need to look the team’s supporting staff!

Sanath Jayasuriya is the chief selector, Asanka Gurusinha is Manager and Nic Pothas is the coach. Obviously, Sanath has to select a team, Pothas has to guide those selected players, and Gurusinha responsiblity is to make sure everything goes smoothly!

And, that’s where the main problem is.  Sanath Jayasuriya not only select team, he also gives advice to them, how to play, how to defense, how to attack!

Now, as a coach obviously, Nic Pothas also gives this tips to players.

But, the irony is that, even Gurusinha also select the team, gives instructions to players, and even takes a close eye, Whether players eating Biscuits or not, which he prohibited!

That’s the main reason of Sri Lanka downfall in recent months. As soon as Gurusinha became the manager of Sri Lanka team, he is everywhere, interfering in everything!

That’s why, Nic Pothas broke down in the middle of the series, his first assignment as a head coach.

He rightly said that Sri Lanka have blessed with some of the world class young talents. But, right now, those youngsters are confused, whom they will have to listen!

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