Kohli just hates losing, says Shane Watson

Written by Rohit Pawar

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson, who has played alongside Kohli for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, seems to know the Indian captain from close. on the ongoing dressing room controversy and on field aggression of Virat Kohli, he says that team India captain just want to win and he hates losing.

“He expects everyone in his team to be exactly the same as him. Which is a great thing as a leader for him and for the Indian team, because he expects a lot of his teammates,” Watson told.

He particularly praised Kohli for his hunger to win for the country. “He wants to win, he hates losing and as a captain that’s how he’s built. One of the things I absolutely love about Virat is he’s got such a deep down burning desire to win — and obviously he’s up to pushing the limits. It’s a great thing for his team because they just get behind him as well,” he added.

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