Focus beyond physical fitness: Babar Azam on Pakistan team’s army training

Written by Shreyas Vyas

Pakistan’s white-ball captain Babar Azam said that the team’s training with the army wasn’t just focused on physical fitness, as there was emphasis on improving the team bond and the overall performance. 29 Pakistan cricketers attended the camp at the country’s military academy in Kakul from March 26 to April 6 ahead of the T20I series against New Zealand and England and the T20 World Cup in June this year. The players engaged in training drills designed by Pakistan Army experts and strategists.

Speaking after their camp, Babar commented on the training in a release published on PCB’s official website. The star batter, who was reinstated as Pakistan’s white-ball captain recently, said that this was his third boot camp training and he once again was able to get new insights.

Babar went on to suggest that cricket-centric activities were absent from the camp and the main focus was physical conditioning, teamwork and mental resilience. The Pakistan skipper also said that the team opted to share rooms to create deeper connections between the players.

“This was my third boot camp, and with each visit, I’ve gleaned new insights.

“This time, our focus extended beyond physical fitness to encompass team bonding activities and performance-improving lectures. These elements are crucial considering our team environment where collective performance is paramount for achieving desired results.”

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