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Sri Lanka Cricket’s Godfrey Dabrera accused of deliberately preferring corner wickets

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Godfrey Dabrera, manager International venues and facilities at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), has been accused of always preferring corner wickets for his financial gain, Cricket Age reliably learns.

In recent times, majority of domestic and International matches were played on corner wickets. Almost all Emerging Asia Cup games were played on corner wickets. Even the last test match at SSC was played in same pattern.

According to sources, Godfrey deliberately prefers corner wickets, even though it’s always ideal to play in center wickets, for even boundary all around the ground.

“He is a curator. He always says center wickets are heavily used and need repair. Then he goes to corner wickets. Then he says existing sight screens are not long enough and hires out his sight screen structure. He hires out dugouts also saying proper dugout are needed to beautify the ground. Only venue where he is not able to do these dirty tricks is Pallekele. Reason, there Venue manager Janaka Pathirana doesn’t allow him to do this” Venue Manager of a Colombo based International venue told Cricket Age.

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