Time for Sri Lanka Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe to act appropriately!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In his continuous efforts to screw Maitland Place top hierarchy and take control over Island’s most cherished game, Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe has ended up giving an impression to International Cricket Council (ICC) that political Interference is at it’s all time peak in the functioning of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). In between he has launched committee after committee, has precisely become a committee minister, but all are defunct now!

Roshan Ranasinghe’s designation says he is the Sports Minister of Sri Lanka! He, however, considers himself nothing less then a godfather of all sixty plus Sports bodies in the Island, especially of Cricket!

In his undying quest to show his supremacy, he has already screwed rugby and football. Football Federation president Jaswar Umar was convicted. The same person was re-elected as president yet again just few days ago!

Obviously, Jaswar return is a black mark in Ranasinghe’s tenure! Are there loopholes in the system? If yes, Ranasinghe needs to fix those, Instead of antagonizing FIFA or other global Sport Bodies!

Same thing applies on Cricket! If present Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) administration has found involve in wrongdoings, they must face the repercussions, as it’s president Shammi Silva has himself publicly announced! Minister should use Island’s Anti Corruption Law and put Maitland Place top hierarchy behind the bars, if they are guilty!

But, Instead doing proper things, Ranasinghe is doing circus!

Here are some comical things, he has done in last few months:


In April, the Minister set up a five-member Technical Consultative Committee headed by Sanath Jayasuriya to advise him, Ministry officials, and the National Sports Council on all matters relating to cricket in Sri Lanka.

RESULT: The committee advised Minister to make Sri Lanka’s Consultant Coach Mahela Jayawardene accountable for the team’s results. Minister ignored the advice. Now, the committee is defunct!


After Sri Lanka made a first-round exit at the World Cup a few months after lifting the Asia Cup, the Sports Minister appointed a committee to inquire into alleged incidents that occurred during the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. The committee made a number of recommendations including the suspension of SLC’s registration and a complete audit. The audit was recently presented to the Parliament.

RESULT: Minister doesn’t talk about the audit report saga now!


Last year, Minister Ranasinghe also introduced several new regulations placing term limits and age limits, compromising the autonomy and independence of national sports bodies, including SLC.

RESULT: Minister ended up mutually agree with the Maitland Place top hierarchy in the appeal court to implement the new regulations in August. September has already gone, but no update on this!


Now, Minister has appointed a 3 member International Sports Coordination Committee in Cricket comprising legendary Sidath Wettimuny, Upali Dharmadasa and Rakitha Rajapakshe to monitor, communicate and coordinate with international and national cricket councils to safeguard development, independence and transparency of cricket in Sri Lanka.

RESULT: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has categorically refused to meet the committee, without the endorsement of SLC!

More Importantly, the ICC has bluntly stated that it expect Sri Lanka Cricket to manage it’s affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no government interference, regulations and/or administration of Cricket!

Indeed, this is a very strong verdict by the ICC, that Minister has to act within his jurisdiction and must not mess with game’s global body!

Thus, following this humiliation by a global Sport Body, Ranasinghe, from now, must act appropriately, Instead of doing comical act repeatedly! Else, Sri Lanka Cricket is bound to suffer more!

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