‘Few Things I Took from MS Dhoni, Will Try to be Myself’: Ruturaj Gaikwad

Written by Mohan Sharma

Ruturaj Gaikwad is all set to lead the Indian men’s cricket team in its historic debut at the Asian Games cricket campaign. Gaikwad, who has drawn inspiration from the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni, expressed his intent to bring his distinctive leadership style to the forefront.

“I got to learn a lot of things from him (Dhoni) but every person has a different style.

His style is different, his personality is different, and my personality is a bit different. I will try to be myself and not really look at what he usually does,” Gaikwad conveyed to the media.

While he acknowledged Dhoni’s influence, Gaikwad emphasised his desire to allow players the freedom to express themselves on the field.

“Obviously, yes, you have to pick out some things which he does really well, how he handles situations and how he handles particular players during a match. Obviously, these are (a) few things I really took from him, but I would like to lead the way I want to,” he added.

The Indian cricket team, fresh off the success of the women’s team’s gold medal victory, is poised as favourites to excel in the upcoming competition. Their quarterfinal match is scheduled for tomorrow.

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