Not like I enjoy controversy but I enjoy a fight: R Ashwin

Written by Vishwas Gupta

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has stated that he enjoys putting up a fight, which gives him the motivation to do well. He also added that he doesn’t dwell too much into his performances and always tries to give his best. Ravichandran Ashwin is India’s fourth-highest wicket-taker in Test cricket, with 409 scalps in 78 Tests. He also has five Test hundreds to his name.

In a video uploaded on ICC’s official Twitter account, Ravichandran Ashwin discussed his thoughts on his cricketing career. He asserted:

“I believe in what I do or at least I believe in doing things that I feel are right. It is not like I enjoy controversy but I enjoy a fight and that’s pretty much why I am here, that sums it up.”

According to Ravichandran Ashwin, he is always aspiring to improve, which is what keeps motivating him. The off-spinner added:

“The beauty about Test cricket is you are always aspiring to be perfect but you can settle for excellence. So that is pretty much what I think I do. In a way, whatever I have achieved in my career so far is because of that attitude to not settle for anything. I am constantly looking to improve. I have maintained that if I don’t like doing different things or if I lose the passion to do something new or get satisfied, then I might not play the sport anymore. I sit and think about what can be better.”

Recently, Sanjay Manjrekar stated that he doesn’t rate Ravichandran Ashwin as an all-time great because of his record in SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) countries. However, the 34-year-old commented that he isn’t bothered by what others think about it. Ravichandran Ashwin elaborated:

“I don’t read or dwell too much into my performances. If I had to satisfy people and get them to say good things about me, I’d be just spending my lifetime doing that. It is absolutely wonderful that I can just ply my trade and feed my family with it and I get paid so well. This is a sport that gives meaning for me to live. I am too excited about it. I have no time for people rating me or not rating me. It is just another person’s opinion and that’s just brutally how I live my life.”

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