‘Interim’ administration or Competent Authority for Sri Lanka Cricket: Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa to take call

Written by N Krishnamurthy

The Attorney General’s (AG’s) Department verdict confirming the expiration of Shammi Silva led administration at Mitland Place has given another twist to Sri Lanka Cricket politics. While Shammi Silva and Co still hopes for a miracle, Cricket Age understand that the appointment of a 5-members committee to run the  day-to-day affairs of SLC is the most likely scenario till the election on May 20.

“Under section 33 of the Sports Law No 25 of 1973, honorable Minister could set up an “interim” administration which could even be the current one. However, the likeliest scenario is that he will be appointing 5-members committee to run the cricket board until the election”  a top Sports Ministry official told Cricket Age.

In the same sort of scenario in June 2018, then Sports Minister Faiszer Musthapha had appointed Kamal Padmasiri, a state bureaucrat, as the Competent Authority.

However, Kamal Padmasiri’s appointment had further derailed Maitland Place, largely due to his lack of knowledge of the game. It was not only a clear case of direct political interference in the game, also, minister Musthapha used SLC as a platform to boost his political Image. In addition, as Competent Authority was clueless, SLC notorious CEO Ashley De Silva took him for a ride and fulfilled all his agendas. Fraudulent overseas transaction of  USD 1,87,000 also took place during competent authority period.

“Shammi Silva led administration is negotiating with Pakistan Cricket Board to held Asia Cup in Sri Lanka this year. There is also next edition of Lanka Premier League (LPL). Ravin Wickramratne ( vice president, LPL) has had multiple meetings with Anil Mohan at a former Sri Lanka Player residence. Minister need to keep all these in mind, before taking a call” a Sri Lanka Cricket expert told Cricket Age.

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