Jayantha Dharmadasa’s Loyal Shibly accused of supplying low-quality T-shirts to SLC

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) controversial Vice president Jayantha Dharmadasa’s loyal Shibly Vilcassim, who has now launched T-shirt business to fulfill board requirements, has been accused of supplying low quality materials to International cricket department, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Immediately after Dharmadasa’s politically backed and forced comeback at Maitland Place, Shibly had started looting SLC through various ways. Over the last few months, Cricket Age has continually exposed how Shibly, owner of Cricket Shop, situated in Colpetty, Colombo -3, is reaping the benefits from each and every assignment at SLC’ international cricket department.

Since August, Shibly has secured tenders of all cricket materials and has taken over international teams hotel booking assignments as well, apart from using board vehicle for his own business!

Now, he has hijacked international cricket’s T-shirt assignment as well.

According to sources, for the recently concluded England series, Shibly supplied more than 500 T-shirts to International cricket department.

“Those T-shirts were distributed among stake holders, staff members and army personals during the test series. It came from Shibly’s Cricket Shop” an insider at SLC told Cricket Age.

And, as it was anticipated, the T-shirts were of poor quality.

“Those were low quality T-shirts. Many people complained that just after one wash, the size of those T-shirts became small” the insider added.

The over dominance of Shibly at International cricket has irked many at Maitland Place. With the blessings of Dharmadasa, it’s Shibly, who is running the show at International cricket.

“While Dharmadasa is focusing on the revival of his hospital Nawaloka through SLC’s PCR tests, Shibly is hijacking everything, that comes at International cricket” the insider added.

It has, indeed, dented Dharmadasa’s reputation big time! A veteran of Sri Lanka cricket, though without any ground base, Dharmadasa used to claim all his life that he hasn’t benefited from the SLC. Now, Shibly’s cunning acts have exposed him completely. In the last leg of his already stretched administrative tenure at Maitland Place, he has lost all his credibility!

“Shibly knows that Dharmadasa is on the verge of retirement. So, before he bow down, Shibly is determined to revive his Cricket Shop” the insider added.

The SLC top administrators have always famous for carrying such loyals. Thilanga Sumathipala, once the Messiah of SLC and now done and dusted, used to have multiple loyals like Sujeewa Godaliyadda, Crysantha Kapuwatha. Even K. Mathivanan, who famously claims that he has not earned a single rupee from cricket, had Hemal Mendis! But, Shibly has surpassed all of them!

“Even Dharmadasa’s another loyal Priyantha Algama knows his limits. But, as for as Shibly is concerned, looks like that he has been given free hand by Dharmadasa” the insider added.

In Shibly’s defend, Dharmadasa’s supporters claims that he has secured all these tenders through the process. However, in this scenario, it’s the case of government investigation that since August last year, how International cricket department’s each and every tender was awarded to Shibly.

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