Ambati Rayudu opens up on World Cup ‘disappointment’ and ‘3D glasses’ tweet

Written by Vipin Darwade

Ambati Rayudu made a u-turn on his decision to retire from all forms of cricket – a step he had taken after being snubbed from India’s ICC World Cup 2019 squad. After being consistently backed by the Indian team management for the much-talked-about number four slot in the batting order, Rayudu was not picked for the Indian ICC World Cup 2019 squad which shocked many. Rayudu was overlooked even when the likes of Shikhar Dhawan and Vijay Shankar got injured during the quadrennial event and many thought it was all due to that ‘3D glass’ tweet which Rayudu had posted following his initial snub from the squad. However, the experienced batsman does not regret his decision to tweet his feelings.

When asked about whether he regrets his decision to send out the ‘3D glass’ tweet, Rayudu said “Not at all. If it comes down to such things…I don’t know how to put it, but I don’t think that would’ve played any part. And if it did, I can’t imagine what cricketers must be going through honestly.”

“I was very disappointed,” Rayudu says while adding “I mean, anyone would be because I had worked so hard for it. I was very prepared for that specific role at No. 4, but maybe their idea of No. 4 might have changed all of a sudden. Maybe they just wanted something else…I’m not too sure.”

“As for social media, it has never been my go-to; it hasn’t ever interested me. I’ve always felt that I’m very happy being simple and natural. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, that fame or being in front of the media has never interested me. My love for the sport and what I enjoy doing on the ground is what drives me to play the sport. All the frills and glamour that comes with it don’t interest me.


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