Is Desperate Sumathipala behind Mud Slinging Campaign against Harin Fernando?

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Thilanga Sumathipala, the discarded former president of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC), is reportedly carrying a mud slinging campaign against newly appointed Sports Minister Harin Fernando, Cricket Age reliably learns.

According to sources, After Harin announced about a possibility of an interim committee to run Sri Lanka Cricket in order to clean up the current mess, Sumathipala Camp has actively been spreading and digging Sports Minister’s past things on social sites. Particularly on Facebook, plenty of pages are carrying baseless negative news about Harin. The shocking fact is that these pages are operating from Punchi Borella, which is the residence of Sumathipala.

More shockingly, two employees of SLC Media division are also operating certain things from Punchi Borella. Cricket Age had published in the past as well, that how a lady employee of SLC is doing all the work at Punchi Borella and getting paid by SLC.

It is noteworthy that Sumathipala is notorious for this sort of mud slinging, particularly against Sports Minister’s. According to sources, few years back, he had launched the same kind of campaign against Dayasiri Jayasekara. Later, Dayasiri succumbed to him and both they became very close friends. Midway through this year, he launched a campaign against then Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha as well. However, instead of succumbing, Faizer had completely ignored and sidelined Sumathipala.

According to sources, Sumathipala wants every Sports Minister to obey him. However, as soon as Harin announced about his vision and plan for the complete overhaul of Sri Lanka Cricket for the betterment of the game, Sumathipala’s all dreams were crashed!

Even though the International Cricket Council (ICC) new resolution and the ongoing court case have stopped Sumathipala from contesting SLC election, he is day dreaming to keep his control intact through his camp!

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