‘Gold Dust Seeking’ Shammi Silva ready to loot SLC again

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In an ideal world, Shammi Silva must not be included in any of the administration for the sake of Sri Lanka Cricket. In reality, Thilanga Sumathipala (Now a discarded from the cricket and politics alike) has chosen him to contest for the top four posts at SLC.

Thilanga Sumathipala’s previous tenure at SLC was an epic disaster, marred by allegations of match fixing, financial irregularities, frauds. One man was in centre of everything – Shammi Silva. Even though, he was the treasurer of SLC under Sumathipala’s wings, the common belief was that he doesn’t know anything about accounting! Though, he knows every single trick to loot the SLC!

Whatever Sumathipala thinks, Shammi Silva converts it in reality. Along with Sujeewa Godaliyadda, Shammi Silva created numerous ways to loot SLC money by one or other way. He is that much notorious, that even majority of Sumathipala camp believes that he was the sole responsible for former deputy speaker’s demise! If Godaliyadda ruined Sumathipala’s political career, Shammi Silva ruined his cricket ambitions!

Hilarious part is that Sumathipala has not learnt a lesson as yet, as again he has pushed Shammi Silva for the four posts in upcoming SLC elections.

So, With Sumathipala’s blessings, Shammi Silva will contest for President, vice president, secretary and treasurer post at SLC. And, this is the worst scenario for Sri Lanka cricket!

Sumathipala’s plan is quite simple : as he is done and dusted Now, he wants his associates there, who can continue to suck Sri Lanka cricket! Shammi Silva might be his best bet! In the previous tenure at SLC, Shammi Silva created numerous ways to dump board money to illegal and non functional cricket clubs through District Cricket associations, so that audit can’t be done!

“Shammi Silva is not a popular person, not within Sumathipala’s Camp even. Even Sumathipala’s other close associates doesn’t like him. However, for some mysterious reasons, Sumathipala ranks him higher than anyone else” an insider from Sumathipala camp told Cricket Age.

Apart from Shammi Silva, three other candidates – Jayantha Dharmadasa, Mohan De Silva and K. Mathivanan – are also contesting for the top post. Dharmadasa is a stalwart of Sri Lanka Cricket. Mohan De Silva and Mathivanan, though we’re part of Sumathipala led administration, are thoroughly gentlemen and have a clean image! Shammi Silva, on the other hand, is a disgrace to SLC! In ideal world, he must not allow to walk through Maitland place. In reality, with the blessings of Sumathipala, he is ready to loot SLC again!

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