How SLC Make Mockery Of An International Cricket Match?

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Of late, Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has become the most corrupted, controversial and incompetent cricket board in the world. But, by their own standard, on Tuesday during the fifth and final ODI at R. Premadasa, they hit a new low as the Colombo excise department officials raided an air-conditioned private spectator box and busted a major racket of selling foreign liquor to English Cricket fans!

All these happened during an international match. More shockingly, as it has become a norm Now, SLC was unaware about this!

The Excise Officers in civvies had witnessed a vehicle that had entered through the main entrance of the R. Premadasa Stadium was going back after the stock of liquor was unloaded downstairs near the elevator.

The stock of liquor, which was brought up to grandstand pavilion through the elevator had not been allowed to take out by the Excise Officers as it could rouse the nearing patience of the English fans.

Instead, they had taken the stock back to the ground floor and the two men of the organising committee who were present at the time were taken into custody along with the booze.

Now this is a joke. During an international match, an unknown vehicle inters into ground, few people’s brings the stock of the liquor up-to grandstand pavilion and SLC was not aware of this!

The reality is that everyone knows, who is behind this. The truth is that a powerful former ExCo member, who is the right hand of a former SLC President, is responsible for this.

The Excise Department also suspects that the organisers of the liquor racket had a highly placed backing from within the SLC, as such activity was impossible with the heavy levels of security placed at the R. Premadasa Stadium when an international match is in progress.

Last month, three SLC employees tried to transfer the television rights money to an offshore account. SLC had no clue about it! Now, that have no clue, how liquor stock came into the ground. That’s how, SLC made mockery of an international cricket match!

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