Graeme Labrooy ‘Busy’ In His ICC Duty

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In other part of the world, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), on Wednesday, immediately removed former batting legend Inzamam-ul-Haq from PSL’s draft categories committee due to conflict of interest as he is also involved with Lahore Qalandars.

In Sri Lanka, National team’s Chief selector Graeme Labrooy was busy performing his duty as ICC match referee in island’s women’s team match against India women’s side.

In India, BCCI has taken major steps to stop conflict of interest scenario. BCCI even stopped Rahul Dravid to take coaching assignments In lucrative IPL, as he is the Coach of India U19.

In Sri Lanka too, the SLC never allows conflict of interest. However, Labrooy is an exception!

Insiders says, that at the time of his appointment as national chief selector in 2017, Labrooy took the special permission from then SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala and Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara that he would continue with his all other commitments.

“He has got the blessings of Punchi Borella, so he is untouched. SLC has given him a free hand to do whatever he want to do” a former selector told Cricket Age.

With his ICC duty, Labrooy could never afford to watch a Sri Lanka national team match. He is also a very reputed insurance company owner and dedicates his free time to strengthen his company.

At the time, when all other Sri Lanka former players are trying their level best to bring back glory days through opposing Sumathipala and his gang of looters (Shammi Silva and Sujeewa Godaliyadda), Labrooy has taken this as an perfect opportunity to get maximum benefits from a weakened SLC.

It is a perfect example that Sumathipala not weakened cricket only, he deliberately weakened everything by putting wrong people’s in every place!

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