‘Desperate’ Sumathipala Camp Launch Campaign Against SL Sports Minister

Written by Rohit Pawar

Thilanga Sumathipala, the self-claimed ‘Godfather’ of Sri Lanka Cricket, believes he is the only administrator in Sri Lanka, who can run the SLC. Not surprisingly, his close associates thinks on the same lines.

So, as they have found themselves on the wilderness after two years ruling at SLC, they are getting more and more desperate to make a comeback. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for Sri Lanka Cricket, this time they have to fight with a Sports Minister, who is an attorney at law. Faizer Mustapha, probably doesn’t know the spelling of cricket even, but knows the law and is country’s president’s counselor. Thus, Sumathipala Camp’s attempts to ‘settle’ him have a little impact so far!

As a result, now they have decided to challenge the Sports Minister itself! With this intention, on August 9, some of the closest associates of Sumathipala gathered at Colombo Cricket Club (CCC) and called for a press conference. Former SLC Treasurer Shammi Silva, Former ExCo Members Sujeewa Godaliyadda, Krishantha Kapuwatta and Bandula Dissanayake were present at the Media briefing.

So desperate they were to make a comeback, that immediately launched a attack against Sports Minister and SLC competent authority Kamal Padmasiri.

“We were the most profit making administration in the history of SLC, but the current management (Competent Authority) has taken the progress backwards as far as settling issues and development are concerned”, said Shammi Silva, who doesn’t know anything about accounting.

“We missed the chance to conduct the T20 LPL due to SLC election issues and even India had agreed to send their second level players to participate. All this has now been blown away,” Silva added.

“The ICC’s CEO Dave Richardson had praised us and our system of work, but the current situation has undermined everything and put SLC in a worse situation,” he added further.

By targeting Kamal Padmasiri, Desperate Sumathipala Camp indirectly targeted Faizer Mustapha, as he has appointed Padmasiri as competent authority.

However, they couldn’t say a single word about Galle pitch fixing, Domestic match fixing that took place two years ago.

They were just desperate to make a comeback at SLC. So, this time, they launched a campaign against Sports Minister and SLC competent authority!


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