Is Apsari Tillakaratne Using SLC For Her Political Aspirations?

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In last two months, Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has changed a lot! Thilanga Sumathipala and his administration had to leave the SLC after failing to conduct election on time. Since then, Sports Minister and his competent authority are running the board. Those, who claimed to be the closest of Sumathipala are either perished (Like Ravin Wickramaratne) or lost the position (like Asanka Gurusinha). However, Apsari Tillakaratne is still there, is still dominating things, and most importantly, is still using SLC as a platform to fulfill her political aspirations!

Apsari, the wife of Sri Lanka’s former player Hashan Tillakaratne, has been working at SLC as Women’s Team Convener. Even though she has nothing to do with Cricket, Hashan managed to bring her at SLC during Sumathipala’s regime.

“From the beginning, she is one of the most privileged employee. she has no one to report, she gets holiday’s at will without any formality, she gets a hefty amount as salary and there is no rules for her to come to the office at time or leave at time. It’s like, she is associated with the board at honorary capacity” A top SLC Official told Cricket Age.

However, this is the internal issue of SLC, if they are that much incompetent in front of Apsari! The Cricket fans are not interested in knowing that she gets hefty allowances and all perks, five star hotels stay during her nationwide trips for the ‘so called’ promotion of the game!

Issue, though, is that cricket has not been benefited by her nationwide trips!

Normaly, 10-15 days in a month, she goes to outstations on SLC expenses to oversee the development of the Women’s cricket. everywhere, she gets a grand welcome, some cricket here and there, and hundreds of photographs for each occasion! Then all those hundreds of photographs appears on social sites, that gives the impression that Sri Lanka Women’s Cricket has been on all time high!

Unfortunately, the scenario is exact reverse of this! In last two years, ever since she took over as Convener, Sri Lanka Women’s team has become one of the weakest team in world Cricket. Even though, she has been visiting Sri Lanka since last two years, she couldn’t find a single player for the national team! All she gets from her outstation trips are hundreds of photographs, mileage, branding and publicity.

So will these things help Sri Lanka Cricket? Certainly Not! The observers of Sri Lanka Cricket believes that her nationwide trips have nothing to do with Cricket. Instead, all these showoff for her political aspirations.

“She has political ambitions and she wants to contest the next election from Pohottuwa, from former Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party” the SLC official added further.

Earlier, SLC former vice president K Mathivanan was backing and supporting unconditionally to achieve her goal, as he always approved allowances for her trips. Now, as Mathivanan has perished, another Top SLC administrator is approving all her allowances.

And, there is another interesting fact! She has a habit to organising Press conferences and to promote herself as the biggest brand of Sri Lanka Cricket. Though, she does this exercise without the approval of SLC top brass.

“Few months ago, she called for a press conference without the knowledge of SLC then President Mr. Sumathipala. At the last moment, when Mr. Sumathipala got to know about this, he immediately ordered to cancel the press conference. However, it was not possible, because all the media person’s had already reached at SLC. So, she organized press conference at a different small room at SLC with Mr Mathivanan” the SLC official added further. After that incident, Sumathipala ordered SLC CEO Ashley De Silva to not allow Apsari to held Press conferences.

Sri Lanka Women’s team is on ventilator since last two years. For its revival, there is a need of honest attempt. Regardless of this, Apsari Tillakaratne is using her power at SLC as a platform to fulfill her political aspirations!

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