Galle Cricket Stadium To Lose International Venue Status

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In a most unfortunate news for Cricket fans all over the world, the beautiful Galle Cricket Stadium is facing the prospect of losing it’s international status. Sri Lanka’s Minister of Home Affairs, Vajira Abeywardena has states that there is a risk of leaving Galle to be listed as World Heritage City because of irregular structures in the Galle Fort and the surrounding areas. The minister also said that several improperly constructed buildings in Galle Fort and its surrounding area will be removed as the UNESCO has been notified to the government on several occasions.

The buildings surrounding the Galle International Stadium are also to be removed accordingly. With the removal of such buildings, the stadium will not be maintained as an international cricket ground.

The minister said that the Bill would be allocated for the use of students in schools in the future. Minister Wignera Abeywardena told the media that plans have been made to build a new international cricket stadium in Pinnaduwa, Galle. The minister further stated that an area of ​​50 Acres has already been allocated for this purpose.

The first test match between South Africa and South Africa finished today at the Galle international cricket stadium. In this unfortunate scenario, The match could be the final test match in the Galle International Cricket Stadium.

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