Sri Lanka Sweat Over ICC Verdict

Written by Rohit Pawar

Chandika Hathurusingha, Sri Lanka Head Coach, returned to Sri Lanka from Australia on Sunday and was on the sidelines in Galle, where his team is practising for the first test against South Africa, starting from tomorrow.

Dinesh Chandimal, the test captain, was even though preparing with the squad for the test match challenge, he somewhat was feeling pressure, anticipating about the possible punishment from the International Cricket Council (ICC) For his involvement in delaying the match for two hours during the second test against West Indies recently.

Asanka Gurusinha, the departing Manager of Sri Lanka Team, was at SLC entire day yesterday.

As Apart from Chandimal, Hathurusingha and Gurusinha has also been declared guilty for ‘Breach of the game spirit’, All these three important members of Sri Lanka Cricket were anxiously awaiting for the ICC Outcome. Though, Gurusinha has already vacant the post of Manager, Chandimal and Hathurusingha still don’t know, whether they will participate in the first test or not.

However, till now, there is no update from the ICC, even though the governing body were supposed to give the verdict on Wednesday midnight (according to Subcontinent time zone). At the time of writing this article, there were less than 22 hours remaining for the start of the first test at Galle. However, Sri Lanka team is still not confirmed about anything : Captain, Coach, Manager and team composition.

This unfortunate scenario raises serious questions over the functioning of the ICC. Couldn’t the ICC have scheduled the ‘Verdict’ few days prior to the start of the first test, in order to give Sri Lanka sufficient time to regroup?

Imagine if ICC gives verdict against Chandimal, Gurusinha and Hathurusingha. In less than twenty four hours, Sri Lanka will have to rearrange everything! The ICC Talks big about the ‘fair play’, however in this scenario, the governing body’s incompetence will give an advantage to South Africa in the first test!

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