Top Domestic Clubs Distance Themselves From Sumathipala’s Attempt For SLC Election

Written by Rohit Pawar

All Top ranked domestic cricket clubs decided to stay away from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) former president Thilanga Sumathipala’s attempt to push Sports Minister for holding an AGM at earliest.

Sumathipala led administration had to leave SLC in a embarrassing way, after The Court of Appeal Gave a stay order on AGM, was scheduled to be held on May 31st.

The court verdict came on a case filed by Nishantha Ranatunga, referring many wrongdoings of Sumathipala Led administration.

Since then, SLC is under the supervision of Sports Ministry appointed Competent Authority.

On June 4, in an attempt to push Competent Authority for Board election at earliest, Sumathipala Camp Sent a letter to him, with the signatures of Stakeholders/Club members.

However, almost all Top ranked domestic cricket clubs like – SSC, Nondescript, Ragama, Colts Cricket Club and Tamil Union distanced themselves from the Sumathipala’s attempt.

According to sources, Former SLC Treasurer Shammi Silva is the mastermind of this exercise and motive behind this campaign is to convince Sports Minister, Court Of Appeal and ICC along with Competent Authority, for early election.

The letter also suggests that those clubs particularly came forward in support of Sumathipala, who has no ground or infrastructure or depends on SLC grants and ‘Obligation’ for the survival.

For example, the secretary of Bloomfield Cricket Club has also signed in the letter, however, according to sources, few months ago the club received approximately four million rupees from the SLC in the name of upgrading the infrastructure!





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