Ashley Includes ‘Match Fixing Suspect’ Aruna De Silva Into Management Committee

Written by Rohit Pawar

Even After the disgraceful departure of Thilanga Sumathipala led administration from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) last month, CEO Ashley De Silva is making Sure that all the closest aides of Former President gets Maximum Importance in new setup. Accordingly, Ashley has included Aruna De Silva into newly appointed management committee.

Aruna De Silva was an ExCo member few months ago. Then Sumathipala brought him as SLC Administrator and obliged him with ‘Head Of Department’ Post. In his new post, he is getting Basic Salary Of 3 Lakh Rupees, further 1 Lakh as vehicle allowance, fuel and mobile allowances.

However, like any other Sumathipala Associate, Aruna De Silva also has a tainted, controversial past. As an ExCo member, he had been shouldered with the responsibility to oversee Kalutara Club as the representative of Western Province, but he emerged as one of the suspect of notorious Match-Fixing Saga of Kalutara-Panadura match, that took place in January 2017.

During the Nidhas Trophy, Aruna occupied a room in a reputed hotel without the approval of CEO Ashley de Silva or Mathivanan, who was the incharge of International Cricket. The bill was of half a million and the laundry bill was around Rs.27,000/-. After Mathivanan refused to sign the bill for approval, Ashley de Silva initiated an investigation.

Now, forget the inquiry, Ashley De Silva has included him into Management Committee, along with COO Jerome Jayarathne and Financial Manager.

According to sources, After Sumathipala And Co obliged Ashley De Silva with 30 Percent Salary increment, he has become more loyal to the Camp. The inclusion of Aruna De Silva proves it, as he is considered as one of the closest associate of Sumathipala!

Not only this, as South Africa are scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka in the first week of July for a full series, Ashley has been appointing Tour Organising Committee and Sub Committees. In these committees too, everyone belongs to Sumathipala Camp.

After the departure of Sumathipala, Ashley has also introduced a scanning device to the finance division. Now no one can enter the finance division without Ashley or Jerome approval for any internal or external matter. It has now become a high security zone and only authorised persons will be permitted with Ashley’s approval.

In all, Ashley De Silva is making sure that the Remote Control must be remained in Sumathipala’s hand, even after his departure!

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