Exposed! Ashley-Jerome Obliges Themselves Big Time At SLC

Written by Rohit Pawar

In a disgusting act, Ashley De Silva, CEO of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) and Jerome Jayarathne, the COO of the Board, have mysteriously got hefty increments in their Salaries, That too without following the proper procedure, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Thilanga Sumathipala led administration had to leave SLC in a embarrassing way, after The Court of Appeal Gave a stay order on AGM, was scheduled to be held on May 31st.

However, before the departure, Sumathipala Led administration took some strange decisions promotions, increments and appointments, in order to oblige favorites.

According to sources, as both Ashley and Jerome have proved themselves loyal to Sumathipala Camp, they got hefty increments.

Ashley, who is worldwide famous for his comical comments and acts on serious issues, has received 40 Percent Increment in his salary. Jerome Meanwhile, who always pretends to be a workaholic with laptop 24 hours in his hands, received 15 percent increment.

Even this alone is a shameful act, as since last two years not a single SLC employee received an increment. However, to make things worse, Their Increments were approved without following the proper procedure.

According to sources, the increments of both Ashley and Jerome were not discussed at ExCo. According to SLC Constitution, all staff increments needs to be discussed at house board and then recommend to ExCo. However, Sumathipala Led administration didn’t follow any of the procedure.

Not only this, as SLC normaly records all the ExCo meetings, the recording of last few meetings proves that the increment matter of Ashley and Jerome was never been discussed. Most importantly, some of the ExCo members are also dead against this Unethical salary increment and ate ready to give affidavits.

“The Increments matter was not discussed at any meeting. And, if needed, we r ready to give affidavits against this” An ExCo member told Cricket Age in term of animonity.

“It seems a decision of Mr. Sumathipala, Shammi Silva to Oblige Ashley and Jerome is they all played for the Same Colombo Cricket Club (CCC)” the ExCo member revealed further.

In another disgusting scenario, it seems that SLC then Secretary Roshen Biyanwila was also involved in all these things. Some of the bigwigs of Sri Lanka Cricket are already planning to report Biyanwila’s involvement in this fraud to Air Force Higher Authorities.


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