With Prompt Action Against Ravin Wickramaratne, Faizer Mustapha Gives Hope For Future

Written by Rohit Pawar

Dayasiri Jayasekara regime as Sports Minister was all about protecting Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC)! The domestic Match fixing scandal between Panadura and Kalutara, that shook the Sri Lanka Cricket, took place in January 2017. However, As Dayasiri didn’t force SLC, no action were taken against the main culprit of the fixing : Ravin Wickramaratne. They managed to kept it under wraps for One and half year.

However, the scenario has changed significantly after the departure of Dayasiri. Faizer Mustapha has been appointed as the Sports Minister by the government and he produced immediate results.

After Cricket Age exposed Ravin Wickramaratne Several wrongdoings through a series on May 09, Mustapha took an immediate action and sent a letter to SLC on the same day itdelf, asking for the clarification, why action not taken to suspend Ravin!

It was a courageous step. By summoning SLC over Ravin, Mustapha has given a hope to millions of Sri Lanka Cricket fans. He proves that even SLC could be questioned over wrongdoings!

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