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Australian Journalist Calls Gautam Gambhir ‘Verbal Terrorist’

Written by Vipin Darwade

Australian journalist Dennis Freedman has called former Delhi Daredevils captain and Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir a ‘verbal terrorist’ following his statement that all Pakistanis should be banned in India until relations between the two countries improve.

Recently, in an interview, Gambhir said that a conditional boycott would not be enough for improving India-Pakistan relations. Gambhir said that rather than just focusing on ending cricketing ties between the two nations, India should ban Pakistanis from all industries, including music and film industries.

Gambhir’s remarks didn’t seem to go down well with Freedman, who is known to take digs at Indian cricketers. The Australian journalist called Gambhir a ‘verbal terrorist’ and said his statements are ‘dangerous’.


“Gautam Gambhir is a verbal terrorist. The c**p he said again today re relationship between India / Pakistan is dangerous” he posted on his twitter handle.

However, his tweet didn’t go well with Gambhir Fans, as they thrashed him to all the corners.

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