Navin Dissanayake Reluctant, New Front To Challenge Sumathipala

Written by Rohit Pawar

Although Plantations Minister Navin Dissanayake was slated to contest the cricket elections for the post of Chairman on May 19, he is said to have no intention of contesting for this position, Cricket Age reliably learns.

However, a new front is being formed by a group currently within the cricket administration and another group that is disgruntled with the current administration, to contest the election.

It is also reported that the Ranatunge brothers will not be supporting this group.

It is also learned that the careful preparation and execution of a plan by this group was instrumental in ensuring the chairmanship of the Galle district cricket club was won by a person who is not on Sumathipala’s camp in the election that was held yesterday (21).

Accordingly, the candidate from the Sumathipala faction, who is the current executive member Jayantha Jayaweera, was defeated.

So far the Galle districk cricket club chairmanship had always been won by a member of that district, but this time around a person from Ambalangoda had been appointed.

He is Lalith Helambage who even went to court against the Southern province cricket association and is the brother of Premasiri Helambage, who was killed earlier.

Due to a case filed by Premasiri against the Southern province cricket club, to date they have not been able to hold an election.

What happened to Premasiri?

Premasiri was elected as the Galle district cricket club chairman under a complicated environment and the Sri Lanka Cricket refused to accept that election and has notified in writing that the election should be held again.

However, Premasiri Helambage went to court against that decision, and obtained a stay order preventing the election from being held again.

After three days of the stay order, Helambage was killed in the Ambalangoda, Manimulla area.

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