Sumathipala Takes Backseat, SLC Gets A New Boss

Written by Rohit Pawar

Thilanga Sumathipala is known as a powerful cricket administrator worldwide, but it seems now a lady has been mysteriously ruling the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC).

Sri Lanka Cricket has a new boss it seems, this time it’s not the controversial Vice President Mathivanan because even he is scared of that new boss!

New boss is none other than madam Iroshini who inside sources say rules the SLC President.

The Marketing Head has been at SLC for nearly one year now, but has not been responsible for a single successful sponsorship – in fact Sri Lanka Under 19 team went to the World Cup even without a sponsor, and Domestic season is still without a sponsor.

Although some months ago when Cricket Age highlighted that Sri Lanka U19 Team went to New Zealand for World Cup without sponsor, the SLC President requested for a Marketing strategy, Madam Iroshini has now got the Sumathipala firmly under her influence and he does not question her any move approving millions  unjustifiable spending for her every wish.

During Recently concluded Nidahas trophy, Madam Iroshini spent more than 25 million rupees in fringe events that had no impact on the tournament and even were a failure specially the Gala dinner organised at 7 star hotel in Colombo that most guests said was “most boring function with cold food” but Sumathipala and close associates were seen drinking and celebrating with Madam Iroshini till 3 am at hotel after the Gala.

Now Cricket Age has learned her influence has taken over even SLC administration and entire ExCo has agreed to sack junior staff members because she does not like them.

Sources inside SLC says that even that both staff members are hard working and few ExCo members had opposed the move, she controlled even them at the meetings and all agreed to her wish.

So question now is why she is having so much power? And why she is scared of her assistants so much to sack them?

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