Sachin Comes in Support of T20 Mumbai League

Written by Vipin Darwade

Even though, legendary Sachin Tendulkar has distanced himself from the cricket after retirement, he supports and Speaks for the betterment of the game, time and again.  On Thursday, Sachin supported upcoming T20 Mumbai League, and said it was much needed as it would serve as a good platform for youngsters of the state to showcase their talent.

“I firmly believe that something like this (T20 League) was needed for Mumbai cricket. Mumbai cricket has always led Indian cricket and the numbers are biggest proof. I feel happy to be part of this league,” Tendulkar, who is the League Ambassador said at an event here.

“Mumbai have won Ranji Trophy for 41 years, you’ve got terrific history. I still remember as a kid at Shivaji Park – Kamath Memorial club – Paddy sir (Padmakar Shivalkar) would come and bowl to me. He was possibly thrice my age at that time but he would bowl to me. Such things happen in Mumbai.

“It would be nice if youngsters are playing alongside some big names in Mumbai cricket. They will get to learn and that is something that I am looking forward to,” added Tendulkar.

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