Is Sumathipala running Political Campaign Through SLC Funds?

Written by Pushpendra Albe

As Sri Lanka is gearing up for Local Election on February 10, Thilanga Sumathipala, the president of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has completely turned into a politican and using all the resources of the board for his political campaign, Cricket Age learns.

According to sources, On last Saturday, February 3rd, Sumathipala went to Jaffna and SLC released a media statement that he was there for the ground inspection.

However there were few hidden agendas as well. According to sources, the helicopter Sumathipala used for his trip cost SLC 4.5 lakhs.

Moreover, in Jaffna, during his official visit as SLC President, he reportedly setup offices there, for the political campaign of his party.

Not only this, today, the last day for the campaign, he went to President’s area Pollonnarawa, that cost SLC approximately one lakhs for the helicopter he used.

The most funny thing is that Jaffna doesn’t have even turf wickets for schools itself, and no basic infrastructure to blossom the game. However, irrespective of this, SLC is planning to build a multi million international stadium, which is nothing more than a money making exercise.

In morning itself, Cricket Age published how Sumathipala has forgotten to come to the SLC due to his political commitments. According to sources, Sumathipala, being a close associate of Country’s president Maithripala Sirisena, doing all the campaign for him. Thus, according to sources, he has hardly comes to the SLC headquarter since almost one month.

In the absence of Sumathipala, K. Mathivanan, the controversial Vice president, is overseeing all the matters. However, the funny thing is, currently Mathivanan is also on overseas tour!

It shows how badly Sumathipala and Co. Running SLC and what’s their priorities are? It seems that he is using SLC only for his political survival. Not only this, he is using all the resources, employees, vehicles and money of the SLC to fulfill his political dreams.

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