Navindu Pahasara Become Worldwide Famous after hitting 7 Consecutive Sixes

Written by Pushpendra Albe

Navindu Pahasara, the 15-year old boy who hit seven consecutive sixes during the final of Murali Goodness Cup, has become a sensation in world Cricket. Almost all the media groups worldwide have published the news of Pahasara heroics and hailed him as the New ‘Wonder Boy’ of Sri Lanka Cricket. Particularly in India, every single media group has given utmost importance to the incredible record of Pahasara. More pleasantly, Even the Electronic Media Gaints Like Star group and India today group also gave maximum coverage to Pahasara. Star group is the biggest media group in entire world, while India Today group is the leader of Indian media industry : both in print and electronic.

In the final of Murali Goodness Cup, played at Hikkaduwa Sri Sumangala MCC Lords on Saturday December 9, Pahasara showcased his enormous Six hitting abilities in front of the Legend himself : Muttiah Muralitharan.

Mesmerized by his Towering sixes, The Legend Murali praised him and gave blessings for his bright Cricketing future.

He smashed seven consecutive sixes in one over, which included a no ball. This is most probably a world record at any level in Cricket history.

Here are the links of the some of prominent media groups, which have covered his news :बल्लेबाज-ओवर-छक्का/detail/070f3c23a9a5fb4db3cabf48da37de4f


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