Hathurusingha Re-entry : Is it political, money, country or family?

Written by Rohit Pawar

Is Chandika Hathurusingha is coming Back to Sri Lanka as head Coach, since he loves the country or is it because of his sick mother? We all need to wait and see?

Even though he has earlier on indicated to serve his country at any cost.

“I will absolutely come [if SLC asks me to],” Hathurusingha said in March 2017. “I am in this position today because of all the things I learned playing cricket in Sri Lanka. After I learned everything in Sri Lanka for about 20 years, I went to Australia and learned things there as well. But if Sri Lanka invites me at any time, I will happily come back to do something for the country.”

Though, his previous tenure with SLC indicates something else. during DS de Silva’s period Hathurusingha left whilst on duty, breaking all ground rules and norms of the then Chairman DS. Ashley de Silva the present CEO who was the Head of Cricket Operations had requested Hathurusingha to stay on with the team. But Hathurusingha defied orders and came to Sri Lanka to see his wife and went on to Australia to complete his Level 3.

It seems that Hathurusingha has a habbit of getting out of things scot free by leaving Bangladesh an upcoming National Team in the lurch like what he did with the Sri Lanka Development Squad when on tour. Having ditched the SL Development Squad, Hathurusingha is at it again.

Obviously, Sri Lanka need to know, is it the political influence, money, country or family in Sri Lanka that he is coming for!!!

Way back in 2015, the Interim Committee did make a request to Hathurusingha but was turned down, since SL could not match with the figure he requested.
Also with Hathurusingha’s entry if at all, what would happen to the National Coaches in the grid at the moment, have they been underperforming, what about the salaries of the present National Coaches, will they too be upgraded to the likes of Hathurusingha and Thilan Samaraweera, these will be the questions asked in time to come.

Hathurusingha has received much praised for the transformation of the Bangladesh cricketers, but can Bangladesh’s success be credited to coaching alone? , but has he got the mental toughness, the inner strength to go about as a coach, these are the attributes we need to see in Hathurusingha, time will say, is it the politicians, money, country, or family that he is coming for!!!

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