When Pakistan fans held Sri Lanka flags

Written by Rohit Pawar

Finally, International Cricket has returned to Pakistan, thanks to courageous Sri Lanka team, who choose to support their best cricketing nation friend, in the need of the hour. Eight years ago, the one generation of Sri Lanka cricketers left Lahore, with bullets in their bodies. Yesterday, the other generation of Sri Lanka cricketers revive the international Cricket in the same stadium!

Though, Pakistan won the match, won the t20 series 3-0, the ultimate winners were the Sri Lanka players.

Entire Pakistan, their players, fans realized this and shown their gratitude for Sri Lanka players.

There were unforgettable, historic scenes in the Gaddafi Stadium. Stadium was packed, around 33K Spectators, mostly Pakistani supporters. But, for a change, more than their players, they were waving Sri Lanka flags. Most of the Pakistani supporters had Sri Lankan players posters in their hands.

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