Dilshan Munaveera, a diamond, whom Sri Lanka were hiding!

Written by Pushpendra Albe

“Having Dilshan Munaweera in Sri Lanka not playing and keep playing Chandimal is like having Chicken Koththu in fridge and eating ‘Butter Paan!”

It was the quote of a die hard cricket fan of Sri Lanka named Nuski Nash, right after Sri Lanka finished t20 series in Australia, having won the Trophy in this format, in three consecutive tours.

Message, was clear – after the ages, Sri Lanka selectors selected a team ‘based on merit’ and got results immiedietly. In all three matches, munaveera played blistering cameos, and provided the much needed quick start, which had been the main problem of the team, since long time.

So, where were this guy munaveera in all this year’s? Reason is simple- selectors were continouesly ignoring him, in order to select wrong players for the wrong formats.

He made his debut in 2012 and was in the Sri Lanka squad for the t20 World Cup that year. But, soon he got off the radar of the selectors and disapeard in wilderness.

But, munaveera didn’t give up. In these all years, he had been playing t20 cricket all over the globe, most notably for Barbados Tridents and Duronto Rajshahi.

As, he is a hard hitting opener and an more than useful off break bowler, he was an integral part of these teams.

And, when selectors finally picked him against Australia in just concluded t20 series, he rose to the occasion.

He showed to the world, what he is capable of. He is a diamond, whom selectors were trying to hide.

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