Dambulla Sixers to go pink In LPL Match against Galle Marvels on July 14

Written by Rohit Pawar

In a historic Initiative, the Dambulla Sixers team in Sri Lanka’s Lanka Premier League (LPL) will don pink jerseys to promote breast cancer awareness on July 14 during match against Galle Marvels at R. Premadasa International Cricket Stadium.

“Our players will don pink jerseys with a pink ribbon, promoting breast cancer awareness and encouraging self-breast examinations. This initiative, inspired by successful campaigns in other cricketing nations, aims to make a significant impact on cancer awareness in Sri Lanka” Dambulla Sixers management said.

“This is an excellent initiative, and Sri Lanka Cricket will join with the Dambulla Sixers in launching several initiatives to make this a successful effort, as corporate responsibility acts of this nature have been a key part of the LPL since commencement,” said Samantha Dodanwela, LPL Tournament Director.

In Sri Lanka, breast cancer is the most common cancer, with 15 women diagnosed every day and two succumbing to the disease. By wearing pink, we aim to raise awareness and promote early detection through regular self-breast examinations. This message is not just for women but also for men to support and encourage the women in their lives to perform these self-checks and seek medical advice immediately upon noticing any abnormalities. Early detection of breast cancer significantly increases the chances of successful treatment, making this awareness campaign crucial.

“We are also excited to welcome 30 children from Suwa Arana – A Place for Healing, on this day to highlight the childhood cancer aspect in the country. Suwa Arana, the largest project under the Indira Cancer Trust, is dedicated to providing care and support for children battling cancer. The mission of Indira Cancer Trust is to offer a safe haven and comprehensive care for anyone with cancer and their family members, giving them hope and a brighter future” Dambulla Sixers management added.

Suwa Arana – A Place for Healing provides free accommodation for children and their families who need to come to Colombo for treatment at the only pediatric oncology unit at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. These children stay close to the hospital to attend regular clinics between treatment sessions, enjoying comfortable accommodation and nutritious meals at no cost.

To show support, the Dambulla Sixers players will be wearing special pink T-shirts with the breast cancer ribbon and the TLC (Touch: Look: Check) logo, as well as the Indira Cancer Trust and Suwa Arana logos.

Similar initiatives in other countries have had a tremendous impact. In Australia, the “Pink Test” held at the Sydney Cricket Ground by the McGrath Foundation is a testament to the power of sport in raising awareness. In Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL) have turned stadiums pink, with players, officials, and fans wearing pink to promote breast cancer awareness. Inspired by these successful models, Dambulla Sixers management hope to replicate this success in Sri Lanka and make a meaningful contribution to cancer awareness and support.

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