Cannot play in every player’s place: Babar says Pakistan failed as a team

Written by Shreyas Vyas

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam claimed that the players failed as a team and that’s the reason behind their flop show in the T20 World Cup. Pakistan, who were knocked out before reaching the Super 8s, got a consolation win against Ireland in Florida on June 16, Sunday. However, they were made to work hard for the win as the batting once again failed to impress.

Speaking after the win at the press conference, Babar said Pakistan’s poor show isn’t down to one person and claimed he cannot be playing in the place of everyone else. The Pakistan skipper said they haven’t been able to apply, follow and finish things and have to accept that they failed as a team in the end.

“Sir, as I have said earlier, everyone is sad. As a team, we did not play. I told you that we did not lose this because of one person. We are losing as a team. I am not saying this because of one person. You are pointing out that because of the captain, I cannot play in every player’s place. There are 11 players and each of them has a role. That’s why they came here to play the World Cup. I think we as a team have not been able to apply, follow and finish things. We have to settle down and accept that we didn’t play well as a team,” said Babar.

Famously, after losing to India, PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi said that Pakistan cricket needs a surgery. Babar was asked about this and he once again reiterated that they didn’t do well as a team and he would head back and give his feedback to the board.

“As you said earlier, we have played the Asia Cup final, the World Cup final, and the semi-final as well. But we were not able to finish. But we should also see that we have achieved those things. Unfortunately, we didn’t achieve it this time. We didn’t qualify. We accept it as a team. We are not saying that we don’t accept it. I as a captain and as a team accept that we didn’t play the same cricket. We couldn’t perform the same way. The expectations that we had made of the team, the way our senior players were, we didn’t execute. We couldn’t deliver at different times. So, we accept that as a player and as a captain, I don’t want to blame anyone. I don’t want to point out that it’s their fault. It’s the fault of all the 15 players. We could not play like that. I am sad about it. We will sit and talk about it.”

“And second – We will go and sit and discuss with them. I will give my feedback – that is my responsibility as a captain to him and will see what will happen,” said Babar.

Pakistan finished third in Group A with the win against Ireland.

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