Mayank Yadav is a diamond, BCCI needs to help him: Bishop

Written by Mohan Sharma

Two matches into his IPL career, 21-year-old Yadav took the cricket fraternity by storm. Impressing with this rare amalgamation of raw pace and accuracy, pundits have predicted a bright future for him.

In his third match, against the Gujarat Titans, Mayank bowled a solitary over at reduced pace before leaving the ground. He has not played in the 2024 IPL since then. His current season figures – 9-0-54-6 – give him the best average and strike rate among those who have taken five wickets.

Bishop requested the BCCI to take special care of Mayank to help him utilise his potential to the fullest.

“Mayank’s got something that you can’t buy: pace and control,” wrote Bishop. “But he also has an injury history, and in this he is not unique. We have seen a number of Indian fast-bowling talents break down… Mayank’s body needs management and it needs great strengthening.”

Bishop hoped cricket followed the examples of other sports: “I am a big American sports fan and I particularly follow the NBA, where the top players invest, or have others invest, in themselves to the tune of millions of dollars, in terms of having support staff and systems. Tennis players, too, do the same. I believe it is time for cricket to go that way – for the top franchises and national teams to preserve special talents like Mayank and support their growth.

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