Joe Root defends reverse scoop dismissal

Written by Abhishek Patil

Joe Root has defended his reverse-scoop dismissal against Jasprit Bumrah in the Rajkot Test, saying that he would continue to play the way he thinks is best.

Root was heavily criticised for his shot selection against Bumrah in the third Test, as many felt it changed the complexion of the game and allowed the hosts to make a comeback and win the game.

Speaking to Sky Sports, however, the England star said that people can have their opinions, but he will continue to play in the way he feels is best for the situation.

“People will have their own opinions on how I’ve got out through this series and what is best for me,” Root said.

“I will continue playing the way I think is best for any given situation. No-one knows my game as well as I do.

“The reason I’ve got to where I’ve got to is because I’ve always looked to keep trying to get better, improve and evolve. That’s got to keep happening. If you stand still in this game, with the amount of information and analysis out there, you’ll get found out.”

“I’m not always going to get it right; I’m going to make the odd mistake.”

Root felt if they were able to take on Bumrah, it could have helped England get ahead and put more pressure on India.

“You could say that I didn’t need to play that shot in that moment, but whenever I have played it previously you could also say that too.”

“It could have completely changed the complexion of that morning, with India a bowler down.”

“There has been a lot of talk about Ashwin not being there and seeing off Bumrah. But if Bumrah goes for four an over in that spell, they’ve got one less bowler to turn to – and we could get ahead of the game even quicker on a potentially deteriorating wicket and put more pressure on India.”

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