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Umpire warned Mathews of timed-out threat before helmet malfunction

Written by Shreyas Vyas

The umpires officiating the Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka game at Delhi on Monday, had warned Angelo Mathews that he was at risk of being timed out even before the helmet malfunction had happened.

The report says that once Mathews walked into the field to bat following Sadeera Samarawickrama’s dismissal, on-field umpire Richard Illingworth had informed Mathews that he had 30 seconds left to be ready to face the ball. Mathews had entered the field a minute and 10 second after the Sadeera dismissal. 

As per ICC Playing Conditions, two minutes are stipulated for a batter to get ready to face a delivery after the fall of the previous wicket. Following the warning by Illingworth, Mathews walked to the crease and fist-bumped Charith Asalanka near the batting crease while exchanging a few quick words.

It was at 1 min 55 seconds mark that Mathews’ chin strap came off which is when he motioned to the Lankan dugout to provide him a new helmet. Mathews did so without either informing Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan or the on-field umpires.

By the time a fresh helmet came on to the field, two-and-a-half minutes had passed since the fall of the last wicket. Shakib, who was the bowler too, was advised by an unnamed fielder and the Bangladesh skipper decided to appeal to umpire Marais Erasmus.

Erasmus gave Mathews out according to protocol although the umpire had twice asked Shakib if Bangladesh wanted to go ahead with the appeal.

Mathews’ argument is that the strap coming off, should be treated as separate equipment malfunction delay. He suggested at the press conference after the match that he had proof. The ICC has not taken a decision regarding Mathews’ comment regarding Shakib and Bangladesh after the game.

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