‘I Was in Excruciating Pain’: Shreyas Iyer Shares Extent of His Back Injury

Written by Abhishek Patil

Shreyas Iyer shared the extent of his injury which made him miss IPL 2023 and World Test Championship Final. The star batter is now all set to make his comeback to competitive cricket with the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. Iyer cemented his place as India’s number 4 in ODIs before sustaining a back injury which ruled him out of cricket for about five months. It was a tough time for Iyer as he suffered excruciating pain and decided to undergo surgery.

Iyer admitted that he was suffering a lot before the surgery which was affecting him very much as he “wasn’t even able to express myself properly” about what he was going through.

Recalling the days of his struggles because of the injury, Iyer told the BCCI: “To be precise, I had this nerve compression, basically a slip disc, which was compressing the nerve, and the pain was going all the way down to the bottom of my tiny toe. And, it was horrendous then.

“I was in excruciating pain. I wasn’t able to express myself properly about what I’m going through.”

The flamboyant batter revealed that he took injections and tried other ways to get rid of the suffering but it didn’t work out for him.

“But yeah, this was the feeling that I was having then and it was hard to communicate with everyone. I had this issue for a while, but I was taking injections, and I was going through various routes to see to it that I am steady and playing many more matches.”

Iyer said that the physios and experts advised him to get the surgery done.

“It reached a saturation point where I realised that ‘okay, now I have to get surgery’. And, the physios and the experts told me that it is important that you go under the knife and get this done with.

“Straight after the injury, I went back home after being hospitalised for two days. I gave myself rest for almost 10 days.”

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