Pakistan Cricket Board Elections Delayed As Two Former Committee Members Approach Court

Written by Toshi Pawar

The process to elect the new Pakistan Cricket Board chairman might be delayed with two members of the former management committee approaching the Lahore High Court. The Lahore High Court will on Monday head two petitions filed by former PCB management committee members Shakil Sheikh and Gul Zada against the election process to bring in Zaka Ashraf as the chairman and the legality of the Board of Governors which will elect the new chief. The petitioners have requested the honourable judge to stay the elections of the chairman and suspend the BOG until it gives a verdict on their petitions.

“It is a tricky situation because the election commissioner and acting Chairman of the board has set June 27 as the date for holding election for new Chairman after the changes made to the Board of Governors,” one source in the board said.

Ironically, when Ashraf had become PCB chairman way back in 2012, he had faced similar legal challenges from his predecessor, Najam Sethi, and was even ordered to vacate his position once by the Supreme Court.

The PCB patron-in-chief, who happens to be the country’s Prime Minister, nominates two candidates to the BOG and one of them is elected as chairman.

The uncertainty in Pakistan cricket comes at a time when the ICC and BCCI are set to announce the schedule for the ODI World Cup on Tuesday.

“It will be a bad situation for Pakistan cricket if the Lahore High Court issues any stay order on the petitions today. Because at a time when the PCB is faced with many challenges from the ICC and BCCI, it is important to have a proper elected chairman,” a senior official of the board said.

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