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Justin Langer sends advice to Australia for Ashes 2023: Keep Ben Stokes silent to win

Written by Vipin Darwade

 Justin Langer has advised the Australian team to keep England captain Ben Stokes silent with both bat and ball to win the Ashes 2023 series.

Stokes has had a good record against Australia in the Ashes, having scored three hundreds and six fifties in 19 matches. The England captain also has 38 wickets against the Aussies, including two five-wicket hauls.

Stokes’ valiant innings of 135 not out at Headingly during the last Ashes in England is forever etched in the memory of the fans and Langer feels Australia will need to keep quiet during the series.

“It’s a battle of two intriguing captains,” said Langer. “As Aussies, for as long as I’ve been playing the game the philosophy has been that you have to target the opposition captain. You have to get on top of the opposition captain as early as you can and keep him down. If you get on top of him, it has a ripple effect right through [the team].”

“I’m not talking about the theatre, the hype and the talking, that’s all crap. I’m talking about getting on top through skill.”

“He is so important to the balance of England’s attack with his overs, especially without what you might call a specialist spinner in Moeen Ali, and I say that respectfully. Especially if the sun is out. The same with his batting. They have to get on top of Stokes with skill.”

“You have to keep him out of the game, with runs and wickets.”

“It will be the same if England do that to Pat Cummins — bat well to his bowling— because he’s so important to the team.”

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