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Dhoni delaying play: Brad Hogg not impressed by officials after incident during IPL 2023 Qualifier 1

Written by Mohan Sharma

Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg criticized the umpires for not taking control of the controversial moment including MS Dhoni during the Qualifier 1 on Tuesday.

CSK defeated GT by 15 runs to reach their 10th IPL final. However, there was a controversial moment in the game which halted play for a long period of time and involved MS Dhoni.

The big delay in play began when MS Dhoni walked up to the square-leg umpire and started having a chat. It became evident that the chat was around the umpires not allowing Matheesha Pathirana to bowl his 2nd over, as the Sri Lankan fast bowler had not completed the stipulated time on the field after taking a break to be eligible for bowling again.

Pathirana had taken a 9-minute break after his first over and he hadn’t spent that amount of time on the field after returning to be allowed to resume bowling.

Simon Doull also called the stoppage in play as unnecessary and said all Dhoni did was stall the game.

“That 5-minute argument with the umpires, he has was unnecessary. All he did was stall and stall the game instead of letting another bowler bowl. He might come to regret that at the end of the match,” Simon Doull said on air.

Hogg is the latest to criticize the incident in a tweet. The former Australia spinner said that Dhoni used his presence to full effect and lured the umpires into a four-minute discussion.

Hogg went on to criticize the umpires for laughing and not taking control of the situation.

“Dhoni using his presence to full effect, luring the umpires into a 4 minute discussion causing time to run out for Pathirana to bowl after an extended break off the field. Umpires laughing over the incident rather than taking control of the situation is not good enough,” tweeted Hogg.

Despite being punished for a slow-over rate in the last over, CSK didn’t feel the brunt of it as they were able to bowl out GT in the end.

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