Roshan Abeysinghe lambasted for sexist piece of commentary during Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh Women’s T20I

Written by Rohit Pawar

In a shocking moment of disrespect, Sri Lankan cricket commentator, Roshan Abeysinghe, working on a women’s international game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, came up with a controversial piece of commentary, which has infuriated the fans and the public alike.

In the 13th over of the encounter, Sri Lanka were batting at 82 for the loss of 2 wickets, Bangladesh bowler Nahida Akter gave away a free hit after she delivered a no-ball.
In a baffling moment, the on-air commentator said “It is a no-ball. This is unpardonable. Unpardonable on two counts. One, a spinner. And the second thing, a woman.”

The commentator went on to elucidate on his previous quip, stating that “I don’t think they have big strides, in that context, I’m very very surprised how she could overstep.”

As the replay of the delivery rolled around the commentator said, “Let’s see by how far has she gone.”

The replays showed that Akter did not overstep her crease, but the umpire decided a no-ball as the bowler had knocked the bails off the stumps during her bowling action.

The commentator added to the resentment of those watching by continuing, “Oh, she’s dislodging the bails, that is the reason, because like I told you, it can never be a stride” he said.

Fans and users online were enraged by the sexist comment and took to the social media platform Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the quality of the commentary.

One user posted a video of the same with the caption “This commentator should be removed from ever commentating on women’s cricket again.”

Another user’s comment read “Such a crap bit of commentary from start to finish. If he took a break from his nonsensical sexist comments, he might have noticed the bails were knocked off. Maddening for so many reasons.”

One fan posted “He should be banned from commentating in any sport. Period. No room for sexist comments in sport.”

While another comment read “A disgrace. Hope he is reprimanded accordingly and ICC tournaments beware.”

Bangladesh ended up winners on the night as they got the better of the home side by 6 wickets and 1 ball to spare as they successfully chased down the target of 146.

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