Not that old, still enjoys the challenges of international cricket: Kane Williamson

Written by Sumit Seth

Kane Williamson saved the day for New Zealand with a match-winning unbeaten century and his last gasp stretch to secure a thrilling two-wicket win over Sri Lanka on Monday.

Speaking about the winning run, Williamson revealed why he stumbled while completing the run and what was going through his mind.

“I didn’t look overly agile there,” he told reporters.

“And to be honest it was a little bit of an afterthought because I knew the throw would go to Neil’s (Wagner) end and I just sort of thought getting towards the crease maybe I should just throw in a little dive in case and I was kind of in a position to do it.

“But you know an amazing game of cricket to be part of and both the teams competed against each other throughout the five days and all results were on the table before going into Day 5,” he added.

Williamson, 32, also cleared the air about his retirement, saying “he is not that old.”

“Oh you caught be off guard. I am not that old and I am really enjoying the challenges that come in the international game,” he said.

Williamson will represent defending champions Gujarat Titans in the upcoming IPL and he is looking forward to join his new franchise.

“I am fortunate to be part of the IPL over the years. I am excited to join a different team. It will be a different experience for sure,” he said.

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