Disaster Awaits as Sri Lanka Sports Minister Wants “Full Control”

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In Sri Lanka history, Sports Ministers have always been greedy for “full control” over Sport Bodies Internal things even! If we talk only about Cricket even, most cherished game of the Island, Sports Ministers like Dayasiri Jayaskerera, Namal Rajapaksa and Harin Fernando were either biased, manipulator or talkers only!

And now, Sri Lanka has Roshan Ranasinghe, who suddenly wants to change everything!

So, out of nowhere, he published a gazette notification to bring some regulations, which will be effectively knocking out several high profile office bearers of Maitland Place from administrative roles! Even Shammi Silva, president of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), can’t eye on another term extension, as he has already served for four years.

Other regulations – like a maximum seven year term and 70 year age criteria – knocks out Shammi led administration’s two vice presidents – Jayantha Dharmadasa and Ravin Wickramaratne and Secretary Mohan de Silva of the Cricket politics as well.

In many ways, it’s very similiar to BCCI’s Lodha Committee, which was supposed to throw out bigwigs like Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah with same kind of regulations!

But, eventually, the Lodha Committee was also rejected by the Supreme Court of India, highest judiciary authority of World’s topmost democratic country! Reason, Supreme Court found Lodha Committee’s recommendations of stopping BCCI office bearers from contesting after certain period a violation of fundamental rights!

So, If same happens in Sri Lanka, then it would be a disaster!

Roshan Ranasinghe need to understand that you can’t become a SLC president in just two years. There is a procedure to follow to reach to the top post! First, one becomes an ExCo (Executive Member), then assistant secretary or treasurer, then gradually goes to the post. You simply can’t put a President at Maitland Place or any other Sport Body straightway!

In this scenario, Island’s President Ranil Wickramasinghe need to Intervene! Cricket is the only thing in Sri Lanka, which is globally recognized! If a Sports Minister like Roshan Ranasinghe will be allowed to destroy that also, then there is no hope!

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