Sports Ministry to Probe Born Again Angle In Sri Lanka’s Team Selection!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Country’s Sports Ministry has launched a probe to find out the truth of Born Again angle In Sri Lanka’s national Team selections, Cricket Age Exclusively learns.

“Born Again” is a term that is used to describe evangelical Christian groups which do not come from the mainstream. Some are also referred to as “Charismatic” traditions.
There have always been allegations that these Christian groups are part of an “international conspiracy” and were marshalled by the United States of America.

“The Ministry has decided to investigate the matter, as it has always been talked about in Sri Lanka Cricket” A Sports Ministry top Official told Cricket Age.

The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), meanwhile, has always termed it “baseless allegations” that it is promoting the agenda of a religious group that is being referred to as “Born Again.”

In a statement issued on 30th January 2021, SLC said it “steadfastly denies this false and fabricated allegation which has no substance to it.”

“We wish to reiterate to the ardent fans of Sri Lanka Cricket and the public of this country that in no way Sri Lanka Cricket is carrying out an agenda of a religious group and request them to rally around their beloved National Cricket Team, as done always, in order to carry forward the glory of the ‘One Team One Nation’ brand,” SLC had stated on 30th January 2021.

Sri Lanka Cricket Team has experienced the love and affection of the entire country and its people, when the Sri Lanka National Team won the 1996 Cricket World Cup, T20I World Cup in 2014 and other notable triumphs.

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